Client: IKEA

Role: UX/UI Designer


For more than 1,5 years I worked with IKEA on a number of different projects. The biggest beeing the UX&UI design for IKEA.com. My focus was on all the editorial content as well as developing (and produce) the design system.


For IKEA Global, in collaboration with Work & Co, I was part of designing the new IKEA.com. This is a massive project for a site that has well over 2 billion site views a year. The result of our UX & UI work was a complete remake site and hopefully will last for many years to come. My focus was on the editorial content. That's more or less everything except for the product catalog and the check out.


A few lines about me.

A few short lines about me.

A few short lines about me.

My name is Rasmus. I'm a freelancing Senior UX/UI Designer with over 10 years of experience working with global brands and communication. I'm Swedish and have my base here, but I've been traveling a lot with my work over the last years. Absolutley open for international contracts.

I'm a team player by heart. I strongly belive a solid team in an good enviroment can deliver 110%, no matter how much or little experience the group have. It's all about the colab..and the details!

I used to work here:

  • Lowe Brindfors
  • STATE Interactive
  • ACNE Production
  • B-Reel


  • Hyper Island - Digital Media
  • C4 Media Communication


I'm confident and experienced in a lot of different programs and tools - If I could choose - my setup would look like this: Figma, Photoshop, Abstract, Principle.

More compentence:

  • Expert knowleage in Sketch, Adobe Suite, Zeplin & Framer
  • Good knowleage in HTML and CSS. I know what's possible to do online and feel confident in giving time estimates
  • Expert knowleage in Adobe After Effects, animation
  • Good knowleage in Photography, Photo/Filmshoots


Fluent in: Swedish, English, Danish. Moderat in: German, Spanish


Please give me a call or text if you're intressted in doing work togeather, or want to see more worksamples from me.

Email: rasmus.sjoborg@gmail.com

Phone: +46 (0)709 84 81 53

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